Vaniya Samudaya Samithi registered under the Socities Registration Act XX1 of 1860. It was formed to plan and execute various activities for the upliftment of vaniya community in their socio, economic, educational, cultural and employment field. It aims strengthening the unity of the community and channelise the same to achieve the above objectives. It also aims to protect the cultural heritage of our community and to preserve the Muchilot Kshethras spread all over the north malabar.


South Bazar, Kannur


Phone No:2701010

Sri. T. Raghavan Nair (IPS)

Late Sri.T.Raghavan Nair (IPS) was the Founder President of Vaniya Samudaya Samithi. He continued in the post of its State President till 2007. After that he continued in the post of its Patron till his death. Under his dynamic leadership samudaya samithi formed more than 100 units in Kasargode, Kannur and Calicut districts. As a socially and economically backward community in our state, we are not getting any job reservations and other benefits from both state and central government due to an unorganised community. For this purpose of achieving our demands he formed a confederation with Vanika Vaisya Sangham, Chakala Samudayam and Ezhuthachan Samajam and he was elected as it's first President. He died in the year 2009, may 5th.

Vaniya Marriage Bureau was established by the Vaniya Samudaya Samithi State Committee in the year 2001. It aims to provide better opportunities to our community members and parents to find out sutitable life patners for their children.


South Bazar, Kannur

Phone No:2701010, 9947965981

email: vaniyamarriagebureau@yahoo.com

Bhuwaneswari welfare co-operative society (formerly, Kannur Jilla Parambagatha Enna Ulpadhaka Welfare Co-operative Socitey) was established on 24/3/2003. it's area of operation is the district of kannur except kelakam grama panchayath area. The society is carrying out all banking activities like S.B, Fixed deposits and loans like Gold loans, individual loans, security loans etc. The society is strongly supported by Vaniya Samudaya Samithi and TACT (UAE).


South Bazar, Kannur-670002

Phone No:2709962

email: bhuvaneswarisociety@gmail.com